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To some dogs there’s nothing more exciting than a morning romp through freshly fallen Autumn leaves or a playtime ‘snow day’ following a Winter storm dusting.

But frosty conditions of the yard or cold, icy pavements can be damaging your pet’s paws.

For these dogs, having a paw balm ready to protect and heal dry, damaged skin is a must-have for conscientious dog owners.

Dog Paw Balm

A dog’s paw pads are one of the few patches of naked skin on his body–and even though they’re designed to withstand rough terrain, constant contact with cold, abrasive surfaces (or direct contact with hot pavement surfaces during the Summer) can cause dry paw pads–leaving them crusty & cracked, leading to painful blistering.

Sometimes, dry paw pads are just uncomfortable and rough to the touch. Other times, they can be severely painful and even bleed.

So taking care of your pooch’s ‘hands and feet’ is important and can be as easy as hydrating their paw pads with some quality, safe-for-dogs, natural paw balm.

Best Paw Balm for Dogs

Using a dog paw balm can help protect your dog’s paws from road salts, ice, sand, or hot pavement. It can also be helpful for pooches suffering from dry, flaky, or chapped paw pads.

Dog paw balm is essentially a fat that moisturizes and protects your dog’s paws. Balm, butters, and waxes are all slightly different, but they are all intended to accomplish the same goal— protecting and soothing your pupper’s paws.

However, most commercial canine paw balms and creams are composed of lots of water, oils (synthetic, or petroleum-derived), emollients (such as silicone), chemical emulsifiers, artificial thickeners, neutralizers, humectants, fragrances, preservatives & colorants, along with methylparaben waxes.

Unfortunately, some of these common ingredients can actually irritate your dog’s skin–which defeats the intended purpose of moisturizing your dog’s nose and paws & restoring the protective barrier that maintains healthy skin and coat.

If you’re ready to try out a palm balm or paw wax, make sure you select a product that’s safe for your pooch if licked.

To stay safe, you should never use any balm, wax, lotion, butter, or moisturizer on your pup that’s marketed for use on humans.

Natural Paw Balm for Dogs

Chances are at some point; your dog will lick & swallow a small amount of the paw balm following application. So, when choosing a natural paw balm for your best buddy, be sure to look for a product with quality, all-natural, organic ingredients that are safe for your dog to consume.

You want protection for your dog’s skin, but you also want a food-grade, non-toxic moisturizer to soothe your dog’s irritated paw pads.

Ingredients To Look for In a Protective Paw Balm For Dogs:

Beeswax – Beeswax is a wonderful substance secreted by worker honeybees and gives balms their congealed structure. It is preferred over paraben waxes. Parabens are generally considered carcinogenic for dog owners, so why take the risk with your dog. There’s no research on the effect on dogs specifically, but we recommend avoiding products that contain any type of paraben, including methylparaben. Look for filtered product without the debris and muddy color found in typical waxes.

Vitamin-E – All-natural Vitamin-E (in the form of D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate Oil) keeps dog’s paws healthy and moisturized in both extreme cold and extreme heat.

Shea Butter – Nourishing Shea Butter is naturally rich in Vitamin A and E and other vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Organic African Shea Butter is a raw, unrefined 100% pure USDA Certified Shea that retains all of its skin moisturizing benefits.

Coconut Oil – Organic Coconut Oil contains roughly 60% skin protecting Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). Look for a coconut oil that’s USDA Organic Non-GMO Gluten Free and Kosher certified. Organic coconut oil is not treated or bleached white with harmful chemicals that can harm your dog.

Australian Emu Oil – Organic Pure Oil Emu Oil is made up of 70% essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, that gives the Emu Oil its moisturizing properties. Cold processed 100% Organic Pure Emu Oil (refined 7 times to remove impurities), is a Pharmaceutical Grade, Emu Oil from Australia. Emu Oil penetrates deep into the skin to deliver moisturizing ingredients and therapeutic cannabinoids (CBD & CBDA) where it needs it most.

Full Spectrum (FSO) Hemp CBD oil extract – All-natural CBD-rich hemp oil in a dog paw balm is highly effective for healing rough, dry, irritated skin. CBD is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal compound to help heal dry, cracked, weather damaged skin & is perfect for dogs with painful joints & extremities.

best paw balm for dogs
Paw pad balm. If you’re ready to try out a paw balm for your dog, make sure you select a product that has all natural ingredients & won’t hurt your pooch if licked.

Dog Paw Protection

In addition to using a premium dog paw balm, here are some other methods to keep your dog’s paws healthy & fully protected in extreme weather conditions:

  • Booties – Yes, your dog might look a little silly, but dog boots are actually quite effective at protecting dog feet from snow and ice as well as de-icing products, which can make your dog sick if he licks it off his paws. These products can also burn pads and the sensitive skin between their toes, causing great pain and distress.
  • Trimming – Keeping the paw hair short is also important as it will prevent snow and ice from forming balls that can lead to chaffing, chapping, and even cuts. Trim the hairs around the outside of your dog’s paw so that it doesn’t extend past the boundaries of the paw. You can also use a small battery-operated trimmer to shorten the hair between the paw pads. Ask your professional groomer if you have a fidgety dog or don’t feel comfortable doing this.
  • Wiping – If you choose not to use booties on your dog, be sure to wipe his feet before he comes inside to ensure that de-icing products (like salt) have been removed along with any ice balls that might have formed (or Summer sand caught between toes).

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Between long walks and endless adventures, your dog’s paws suffer a lot of wear and tear as they go through life. This can sometimes lead to dry, cracked, or irritated paw pads. Fortunately, a paw balm made with all-natural ingredients can help protect and moisturize your dog’s paws and keep them looking good and feeling great.

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