CBD For Hyper Dogs – Will CBD Help My Hyper Dog?

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CBD For Hyperactive Dogs

When discussing CBD as a solution for canine hyperactivity, we’re not talking about “sedation” in the medicated sense; in fact, CBD is not a medication in the traditional sense at all.

Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp is a natural, non-toxic, and ‘non-psychoactive’ concentrate, meaning it won’t get your dog high or “stoned”.

Instead, owners of dogs with problem hyperactivity are turning to hemp CBD oil for dogs for its effect to also reduce inflammation & calm anxious behaviors, without affecting a dog’s subjective awareness.

Will CBD Help My Hyper Dog?

CBD can be very helpful for hyperactive dogs! CBD is a promising natural way to safely calm and relax dogs with anxiety or hyperactive behaviors.

Empirical evidence from pet owners indicates CBD oil is an effective means to calm an anxious or problematic overly energetic or high-strung dog without the “tranquilizing” effects usually found in OTC or prescription medications.

CBD seems to be effective for dogs of all ages and successful for a wide range of anxiety related behaviors.

A 2016 pet owner survey showed that dog owners ‘recommend’ or ‘highly-recommend’ CBD for managing these issues because of the perceived improvement. But CBD oil does more than just pacify hyperactive dog behaviors.

Benefits Of CBD For Hyperactive Dogs

Evidence suggests there is a direct connection between hyperactivity & anxiety disorders in dogs. For these dogs, science supports the use of CBD oil for the following beneficial effects:

CBD May Reduce Hyperactivity and Promote Relaxation –

Hyperactivity and anxiety are closely related to three brain chemicals– dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Changes in the levels of these chemicals directly affect the dog’s mood. CBD modulates serotonin levels, thus promoting overall wellbeing.

CBD Can Calm Nerves & Support Emotional Balance –

CBD is marketed as a “potential treatment” for anxiety disorders because of its ability to calm the central-nervous-system (CNS) and support emotional balance. During hyper or anxiety attacks, the nerve cells frantically fire impulses. CBD resets the nerve cell function to normal or default mode.

CBD Can Relieve & Manage Anxiety –

CBD oil for hyper dogs has confirmed anxiolytic effects. The ability to manage anxiety and promote relaxation helps reduce hyper behaviors. Studies show that CBD’s ability to relieve and manage anxiety stems from interacting with the ECS and supporting its homeostasis-promoting actions.

CBD Helps Dogs Cope with External Stresses –

By promoting emotional balance and overall relaxation, CBD oil for hyper dogs also helps cope with daily external stressors.

Plus, CBD can help hyper and anxious dogs sleep when exposed to external stimuli whose presence cannot be eliminated or minimized.

CBD oil for hyperactive dogs
CBD seems to be effective for dogs of all ages and successful for a range of anxiety related behaviors including destructive chewing, digging, escape behaviors, etc.

How Does CBD Work to Calm Hyperactive Dogs?

CBD is a naturally occurring and health-boosting compound found in the hemp plant. The CBD oil extract works by interacting with your dog’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS is the Master Control as the regulatory communication system that maintains critical body functions. The ECS is responsible for managing vital body functions like appetite, sleep, metabolism, pain, inflammation, immunity, memory, emotions, senses, etc.

When regulating these functions, the ECS promotes a state of balance and health, also known as homeostasis.

CBD influences specific receptors within ECS’s, thus supporting its important role in regulating mood and supporting your dog’s calm, tranquil state-of-being.

Hyper Dogs: Signs & Symptoms

While canine hyperactivity is a potentially dangerous behavior for dogs and stressful for dog owners, it is not always considered a ‘clinical disorder’. True hyperactivity in dogs is relatively rare.

Dogs today are more likely to exhibit “hyper-like behaviors” as a result of inadequate physical and mental stimulations.

Some dog breeds are more likely to be labeled hyperactive than others, and sometimes hyperactivity is a ‘conditioned’ behavior the owner unknowingly taught their dog without intending.

Causes of Hyperactivity in Dogs

Hyperactivity in dogs can be caused by several triggers that can work alone or together.

Here is a list of the common causes of hyperactivity:

  • Genetics (some breeds are naturally hyper)
  • Lack of exercise and excess energy
  • Lack of mental stimulation and boredom
  • Separation anxiety issues
  • Eating too many sugars.
Is cbd good for hyperactive dogs
A lack of proper stimulation or opportunities for socialization can lead to stress-related behaviors. Most dogs enjoy lots of exercise and social contact, stable habits and routines, and clear expectations and commands. Without these things, the risk of anxiety increases.

Signs Your Dog is Hyperactive

True hyperactivity in dogs’ manifests with:

  • Accented reactivity to regular stimuli
  • Short attention span
  • Inability to fully relax
  • Elevate baseline parameters (pulse, breathing).

The main concern is that hyperactivity is closely linked with over-reactive anxiety behaviors. And both conditions manifest with the same behaviors: destructiveness, excessive barking, frantic activity, inability to focus, attention gaps, compulsiveness, lack of self-control, restlessness and pacing.

If your dog is showing these signs and symptoms, call the vet and schedule an appointment. If the vet rules out physical issues, you will be referred to a canine trainer or behaviorist. Or you can try to manage the issue at home using a calming supplement like CBD oil for hyper dogs

Best CBD For Hyper Dogs

As I mentioned up top, but it’s worth repeating here: CBD oil is not a sedative--so using it on dogs with lots of excess energy isn’t going to knock them out—nor should you want it to.

The theory here is that dogs who are hyperactive will benefit from CBD’s ability to increase homeostasis in the body, reducing internal inflammation and balancing brain neurotransmitters associated with reactive-stress-behaviors.

While this process isn’t intoxicating, CBD does provide a relaxing foundation that gives your dog a better opportunity to begin learning those behaviors that can help mitigate their hyperactivity.

So, look for a premium, full spectrum CBD oil such as Core Function CBD – Essential Wellness Formula from K9 Medibles.

Best CBD for hyper dogs
Cannabinoids, as those found in Core Function CBD – Essential Wellness Formula, are able to effectively activate the endocannabinoid system and induce calming anxiety-reducing processes in dogs with hyperexcitability behaviors.

Core Function CBD – Essential Wellness Formula is a high-quality, 3rd party tested, made in America, full-spectrum CBD formula that’s a perfect solution for safely calming your hyperactive dog.

Remember, a more relaxed dog will be more susceptible to training through treats, crates, habits, and responsible socialization—all things that help instill a healthy level of discipline and an overall improved mental state of relaxation & contentment in your dog.

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