CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator – Precise Dosing Matters!

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CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator


CBD for dogs has shown to be a powerful natural healing compound for dogs of all ages.

Now that more dog owners are seeing positive effects of cannabidiol, like how CBD oil can reduce lymphoma in dogs, prevent seizures and anxietyrelieve pain of arthritis and joint disease, only one thing remains up for debate — how to properly calculate the optimum  for your four-legged friend.

Figuring out the correct CBD dosage for pets will largely be up to you — the owner. You know your dog best!

Since every dog is going to have a different reaction to CBD oil it’s important to be vigilant in the beginning to measure and document his unique experience with cannabinoid therapy.

CBD Dosing For Dogs

The first step in determining the correct CBD oil for dogs dosage is to use our handy CBD Dosage Calculator.

CBD Dosing Should Be Accurate & Precise

The easy way to figure out the correct CBD dosage for your dog is to first download our FREE CBD Dosage Calculator.

It’s simple, with just one step you’ll know the precise dose amount of CBD (mg’s) based on your dog’s weight. 

Here’s where to get started — Download a FREE CBD Dosage Calculator.

CBD For Dogs Dosage Calculator

Our CBD Dosage Calculator is designed to make it easier for you to calculate the daily milligrams of CBD for your dog’s specific size and weight.

Simply enter your dog’s weight in pounds and hit Enter for the calculation to the deliver your dog’s results.

CBD Dosage Calculator - automatically calculate without having to do any math!

Simple. Easy. Precise. Instantly calculates your dog’s starting CBD dose.

CBD Dosage For Dogs

CBD drops placed under your dog’s tongue (sublingual) are the most popular form of giving CBD oil. But bottle size and potency concentration differ across CBD oil product brands.

So figuring out how many mg’s you should give your dog can be confusing–even for those who are good at math!

Our CBD Dosage Calculator is designed to make it easy for you to calculate the amount of CBD oil needed to achieve your dog’s proper daily dosage.

CBD oil calculator
Discover your dog’s CBD ‘sweet spot’ with accurate, responsible dosing.

PRO TIP: The trick is to get the initial dosage right and then incrementally increase the daily amount over the course of several weeks.

CBD Dose For Dogs

What CBD Dosage Is Right For My Pet?

The short answer is, there’s a dosing range that is recommended to start with and it’s best to begin at the low end of this range.

A good starting dosage is based on your dog’s body size and weight using a milligram to kilogram (mg/kg) benchmark.

Start with a minimal amount of CBD (0.25 mg’s) per kilogram of canine body weight.

CBD Dosage for dogs

CBD dosage for dogs is measured in mg’s per kg body weight. Start low, go slow & monitor your dogs progress.

This beginning CBD measurement should be divided into two (or three) equal portions given throughout the whole day. It is recommended to give your dog two doses a day, 30 minutes before meals and at least 4 hours away from all other drug medications.

Make sure to keep an eye on him for a few hours after you first administer CBD oil paying particular attention to the effects it has so you know how to adjust the doses to maximize the benefits.

After a week, incrementally increase the doses with additional milligrams until you’ve achieved the desired effect for whatever is being treated.

You may not notice immediate changes in your dog’s disease progression or health status; but given sufficient time for adjustments to take place in the internal monitoring by the Endocannabinoid System can bring about improvements that can bring about long term benefits for your dog.

Again, track, measure and document the increased amount. A good rule of thumb is increase the original starting dose amount by 2X (from 0.25 up to 0.50 mg’s per kg) after observing signs for 2-weeks.

Remember, a lot of different factors can influence the exact dose of CBD oil your pet needs.

What’s most important is to be consistent and steady with your daily CBD delivery. Getting that fine balance is crucial, as high-quality CBD oil for dogs can be quite costly, so you don’t want to give your dog more than it needs.

Proper Dosage Of CBD For Dogs Is Based On Weight

CBD is more a ‘Dog Specific’ support than a ‘Disease Specific’ supplement. So the application of CBD to any situation or clinical diagnosis is still centered primarily on the size and weight of your dog and it’s unique experience.

Using this CBD Dosing Calculator will help you figure out the optimum CBD oil dose for your dog.

Holistic Dog Care By K9 Medibles
By using a daily CBD-rich hemp oil, it’s possible to help dogs with chronic inflammation or animals who suffer from seasonal allergies.

If after giving your dog a tiered amount of CBD (over a two to three week period) and you still don’t see the results you want or expect, just know that not all dogs respond the same–even to the same CBD source.

Be aware that a different CBD oil may provide the long-lasting relief you and your dog were seeking. It may take two or three trials of different CBD oil products over a three to six month period to hone in on the best hemp CBD source for your own dog.

Discovering the optimum dosage for your dog is like trying to hit a moving target – but with diligence and patience you can find your dog’s unique CBD dosage Sweet Spot.

The most effective and popular way to deliver CBD oil is by mouth (sublingual) and by using the recommended CBD dosing guide you can deliver the optimum amount in a single dose to positively effect your dog’s health.

Hemp CBD oil has medicinal qualities for dogs and its dosing should be carefully calculated. It’s important to know the concentration of CBD in milligrams for one’s own pet.

Sublingual application is more easily adapted for dogs because canine patients need only a small amount of CBD to deliver a significant therapeutic-effect.

CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs

Once you have your basic CBD Dose calculation in hand, you can begin the process of creating a measurable, workable framework for healing your dog naturally — And hopefully generate a lifetime of canine well being!


CBD Dosage Calculator

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CBD Dosage Calculator - automatically calculate without having to do any math!

Enter your name and email below to receive the following:

  • Downloadable PDF File
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Automatically calculates based on your dog's weight
  • No math required!

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