Side Effects Of Phenobarbital In Dogs

Phenobarbital in dogs side effects

Phenobarbital For Dogs As a pet owner, watching your dog have a seizure is incredibly frightening! You’re witnessing your dog go through a very traumatic experience and you feel out of control–unsure what to do to help them. When an animal has a seizure disorder, the frequency and severity of the seizures determines the need …

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CBD & Benadryl – Can You Mix CBD And Benadryl For Dogs?

CBD and benadryl

Can I Give My Dog CBD Instead of Benadryl? Giving a dog Benadryl for allergies is often a pet parent’s first ‘go-to’ when looking for a quick way to soothe their dog’s itchy skin & allergy symptoms. However, more pet parents are searching for a natural alternative to Benadryl for their dog’s allergies–and they may …

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Keppra For Dogs – Side Effects Of Keppra On Dogs

Keppra for dogs Side effects

Keppra For Dogs Even though seizures are a frequently reported neurological condition in dogs, it’s never easy to see your beloved pup be affected by a convulsive fit or seizure. A seizure is any sudden and uncontrolled movement of the animal’s body caused by abnormal brain activity. Seizures may be very severe and affect all …

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Rimadyl For Dogs – Rimadyl Alternatives

Rimadyl alternatives

Rimadyl For Dogs Everyday thousands of pet owners are faced with a serious life altering decision–either stand by as their beloved pet goes through a life of perpetual suffering or choose to treat their dog with vet prescription pain medications that potentially pose a more life-threatening situation for their ailing pet. Confronted with these dreadful choices …

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Rovera For Dogs – Facts For Pet Owners

Rovera for dogs

Dogs are living longer and healthier lives today thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and the introduction of effective natural pet care home remedies. With more active lifestyles that extend into advanced ages, dogs are often diagnosed with painful age-related mobility issues such as osteoarthritis or undergo surgical procedures that require postoperative pain medications. In …

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Gabapentin For Dogs Side Effects – Natural Alternatives

gabapentin for dogs side effects

Gabapentin For Dogs Just like their human companions, even the most lively, athletic dogs slow down as they age. Although regular robust exercise helps keep your dog’s joints flexible and limber, when joints become stiff and painful, dogs tend to avoid even the slightest physical movement. Over time, the lack of mobility and resulting inactivity …

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