Pros And Cons Of CBD Oil For Dogs

Pros and cons of cbd oil for dogs

Pros And Cons Of CBD Oil For Dogs In recent years CBD has been explored for potential medical uses with success in both human and veterinary medicine. A 2019 pet owner survey found that 11% of dog owners gave their pet CBD–the majority in the form of liquid tinctures given under the tongue, with fewer given …

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How Long Does CBD Stay In Dogs System?

CBD dog health

How Long Does CBD Stay In Dogs System? Based on the current scientific evidence, we can conclude that CBD has an average half-life of 4 hours when the CBD concentration is 2 to 10 mg. So, you can expect CBD to stay in your dog’s system for 8 hours based on a number of factors, …

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7 Tips To Calm A Reactive Dog

Reactive dog training

Reactive Dog If you’ve been around dogs for any length of time you know they each have their own unique personality; some are docile and quiet, while others are easily excitable and hyperactive. Many factors blend together to create your dog’s distinct ‘personality traits’. Early behavior conditioning as well as breed genetics play a significant …

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Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil For Dogs

hemp oil vs cbd oil for dogs

When it comes to current trends in canine health care, cannabidiol from hemp oil leads the pack. Hemp oil for dogs has witnessed an explosion in popularity for dogs with anxiety & arthritis, and has expanded beyond the palliative care for dogs with cancer and may offer an effective treatment to forestall tumor growth. With …

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Holistic Pet Care – Holistic Health For Dogs

Holistic pet care

What’s Really Behind Holistic Pet Care? A true holistic approach to animal wellness is all about balance. Holistic dog care means taking into consideration your dog’s physical, emotional and spiritual uniqueness–with particular emphasis on prevention as the best medicine. At the core of holistic pet care are the cardinal components of sound nutrition, emotional security …

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