Hemp Oil For Pets – Turbo-charge Your Dog’s Health

Hemp for pets

Hemp Oil for Pets As a caring pet owner, you more than likely have spent time researching the benefits of hemp oil for your dog’s ailing body. Specifically, whether or not hemp oil containing CBD (cannabidiol) is safe and effective to provide relief to your elderly dog with arthritis pain or a nervous dog with …

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CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator – Precise Dosing Matters!

How to Easily Calculate CBD Dosage for your dog

CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator HOW MUCH CBD OIL SHOULD I GIVE MY DOG? CBD for dogs has shown to be a powerful natural healing compound for dogs of all ages. Now that more dog owners are seeing positive effects of cannabidiol, like how CBD oil can reduce lymphoma in dogs, prevent seizures and anxiety & relieve pain …

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Canine Support Formula Review – CBD Oil For Dogs

Canine Support Formula reviews

Canine Support Formula Review After 18-months of Research & Development–And an additional 6-months of product formulation & rigorous testing, I released Canine Support Formula last month to a small, select group of dog owners. Early feedback from these pet parents was overwhelmingly positive — Canine Support Formula showed potent, real-world effects for dogs with anxiety …

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Xylitol & Dogs – Warning for Pet Owners!

Xylitol and dogs

Xylitol & Dogs: Consumer Alert Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is commonly used in many sugar-free products, including gum, candy, and baked goods. It has been marketed as a healthier alternative to sugar because it has fewer calories and does not cause the same blood sugar spikes. However, what many people do not know …

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Ataxia in Dogs – Guide to Symptoms & Treatment

Ataxia in dogs

What is Ataxia in Dogs? Ataxia is a condition that affects the nervous system, causing incoordination. Specifically, Ataxia refers to a “lack of coordination or balance” that often occurs suddenly in a dog. It is usually a symptom of an underlying condition affecting your dog’s central nervous system (CNS). When a dog stumbles repeatedly, loses …

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Is THC Bad for Dogs? Dog Ate Weed, What Do I Do?

ataxia in dogs. Effects of Weed on Dogs.

Is THC Toxic for Dogs? Is THC bad for dogs? That all depends–to begin, it’s necessary to understand that although cannabis is a plant and therefore considered ‘natural’, the effect of weed on dogs is anything but. Although the funky, psychoactive effects of cannabis can be enjoyable and desirable for humans, animals don’t have the …

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Pet Care Naturally

5 benefits of natural pet care

5 Benefits of Natural, Holistic Pet Care Natural, holistic pet care is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. This type of care focuses on using natural remedies and preventive measures to keep pets healthy and happy. Unlike traditional veterinary care, which often relies on synthetic medications, pet care naturally emphasizes natural remedies, …

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