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K9 Medibles: The Companion Care Company

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Best CBD Oil For Dogs

The Evolution Of Cannabinoid Therapy For Dogs

K9 Medibles is an emerging leader in the CBD marketplace for animal care by providing the most cutting-edge CBD products and treatment delivery options made available exclusively for canine owners & their pets.

Founded in 2016, K9 Medibles has become a leading advocate for the use of natural hemp CBD to specifically address the age-related illnesses and medical health challenges of Mans-Best-Friend.

K9 Medibles helps loving, compassionate dog owners to improve the health & well-being of their beloved pet through science-based healing using natural phytonutrients from Cannabidiol (CBD) without the toxic, negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

We are committed to being a worldwide leader of Cannabinoid products to help support canine health by providing research into using CBD as a treatment alternative so that this amazing phytonutrient is made available to all devoted dog owners, breeders and trainers to keep our furry companions healthy and happy. Our passion is to help pet parents provide the best nutritional and nutraceutical support to care for their aging & ailing canine family members.

K9 Medibles believes dogs are family–we strive to help our our customers to achieve their goals regarding the health, well-being & quality of life of each and every four-legged family member by providing exceptional products, up-to-date research and unmatched quality customer service to help support and heal your trusted companion.

Why K9 Medibles? With The Loss Of My Friend Comes A New Beginning…

K9-Medibles began as a tribute to my dog, my partner and my best friend, Parker. As most dog owners will attest, getting a dog will change your life forever–in my case, Parker was a saving grace! Parker’s unfettered dedication and strength of character over sixteen years together was only surpassed by his loyal, loving, compassionate, intuitive Soul.

Unfortunately, Parker passed before I was introduced to the amazing healing properties of CBD. His needless suffering is the reason that I have chosen to dedicate my life and the success of this company to his noble character. Parker’s friendship, love and dedication will forever be the guiding principles of K9 Medibles, the company–and me personally.

Knowing now what I didn’t know then about the healing benefits of CBD, it is my hope that other loving, dedicated dog owners will continue to study and learn about this marvelous, natural healing treatment alternative. I believe CBD holds promise for those pet-parents who’s cherished companion may be suffering and in need of effective medical and nutritional support.

It is my intention to continue to share the healing powers of CBD so your furry companion does not have to endure the suffering and pain of a debilitating illness or the inevitable discomfort of old age.

Though each dog is unique, CBD can provide each with the fundamental nutritional support & measurable therapeutic relief integral to healing your Best Friend.

CBD for dogs. K9 Medibles About Us
Parker’s Silver Bullet (aka Parker-Dog)

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

Our Dogged Commitment To Excellence

The corporate vision of K9 Medibles is to educate, inspire, and empower dog owners throughout the world to help their beloved pets to live a naturally happy and healthy life, free from unnecessary pain and suffering using only the finest quality natural CBD sources available. We do this by offering the best-in-class, natural CBD oil for dogs products specifically sourced and formulated for dogs and by providing information and education resources about ways to promote natural canine health.

K9 Medibles is committed to developing products that have been tested and provide the most beneficial delivery mechanisms for your family pet. When any product is created and sold with the K9 Medibles label, our customers know that we have researched and identified the most effective natural ingredients matched with the most efficient, bio-available, dog-friendly CBD delivery system on the market.

We deliver a world-class experience to each of our customers–every time. Our commitment is to treat them the way they deserve to be treated, like members of our own family. Our customers can trust that they are receiving the highest quality CBD available, with product consistency guaranteed.

Unconditional Love Through A Dog’s Eyes

We are a For-Benefit business, and we actively contribute to the world in positive ways. Our team, in collaboration with our valued customers, supports organizations that are aligned with our core values and that are committed to creating better canine health in an environmentally sustainable world.