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Medical review by K9 Healthcare Council of America (K9HCA). Intended for educational purposes only. Always seek medical advice from your veterinarian.

Canine Support Formula Review

After 18-months of Research & Development–And an additional 6-months of product formulation & rigorous testing, I released Canine Support Formula last month to a small, select group of dog owners.

Early feedback from these pet parents was overwhelmingly positive — Canine Support Formula showed potent, real-world effects for dogs with anxiety and was sufficiently effective enough against arthritis pain that one owner (who previously used CBD with limited results), was able to eliminate her dogs conventional analgesic prescription medications using just Canine Support Formula.

We will continue to monitor her progress in the near term, but for now, here is Sadie Mae’s case-history & inspiring personal success story:

CBD Oil For Dogs Arthritis

How Effective Is Canine Support Formula For A Senior Dog With Joint Pain?

Sadie is a 12 and-a-half-year old Blue Heeler. She’s been active most of her life as a working cattle-dog, but at ten-years-old she started having arthritis pain in her hips and front legs. Her vet prescribed Gabapentin (200 mg/day) for pain & Galaprant (50 mg/day) for inflammation.

Canine Support Formula Reviews
Canine Support Formula (CSF) is an answer to prayer–it’s made an incredible difference in my pet baby!

“I really hated seeing her in pain but even worse was watching how the drugs made her personality fade-away until she was just ‘surviving’.

Sadie’s owner, Brenda, tried a CBD recommended by her vet and saw nominal improvements–but she needed to see more advanced progress before she felt comfortable enough to take Sadie off her prescription pain medications.

Getting Sadie free of pain was of primary importance to Brenda with the hopeful expectation of also getting her off prescription pain medications.

As you’ll see, she more than accomplished her goal–

I love my Sadie with all my heart and want to help her in any way I can. I’ve watched the amazing success you’ve had with other dogs using only Canine Support Formula and I wanted to see Sadie be pain-free, walking better, getting up & down easier–and I was really hoping to get her off of the other drugs if it’s possible.

The side-effects from the medications were worse than her arthritis symptoms, so it seemed we weren’t making any progress with traditional methods and Sadie was not getting better.

We were looking for a more natural alternative for Sadie’s arthritis pain and found it in Canine Support Formula.

There’s Good, There’s Better…and Then There’s The Best

Best Hemp Oil For Dogs

When we started Sadie on Canine Support Formula we had already experienced the upper limits of a good CBD.

But after taking just the minimal starting dose of Canine Support Formula recommended by K9 Medibles, I immediately noticed Sadie was already feeling better. She was more relaxed during Fourth of July fireworks, she was more playful and was walking on her own outside much more. We were so encouraged by her progress that we started tapering her off the drugs and used only CSF.

This is a whole new learning experience for me and just want the best life for Sadie that I can possibly give her!

Sadie showed a quick response to CSF with visible progress in her gait mobility and willingness to get-up and get-around. She takes her regular naps (what dog doesn’t) but when she wakes up, she’s more alert, happier and feeling a lot better. After only a few days, she was already a different dog!

Establish Realistic Goals

Working the ranch or playing outside, I’ve always had my dog by my side. After using CSF for a few weeks Sadie and I can now walk to the end of the drive and back (about 1500 feet) again. Sadie tags alongside me like she use to as a puppy! It’s a small step but I’m happy to see her feeling like her self again.

Canine Support Formula reviews
Sadie Mae’s story is one of love, compassion and success with Canine Support Formula.

From the beginning, we set a realistic goal for her to achieve but with CSF we were able to do so much more. She’s no longer on prescription pain meds and now we’re increasing her activities and she’s more motivated than ever. Canine Support Formula has made such an amazing difference in my girl that we’re planning new goals and setting higher expectations.

She’s getting older and I have to limit her play time so she keeps feeling good and doesn’t over-due her own physical abilities, but Canine Support Formula seems to make her act like a puppy again. I’m so impressed with Canine Support Formula, I wish all dogs could be this happy and healthy.

In only a few short weeks Sadie has shown visible improvements in pain-reduction, increased mobility and her happy demeanor is proof enough for her owner that Canine Support Formula is working well enough to eliminate prescription medications.

Thank you K9-Medibles–we love Canine Support Formula.

After only 30 days you have given me back my dog and made Sadie’s ‘golden years’ truly GOLDEN. Canine Support Formula has earned my highest 5-Star review rating that I can give!

UPDATE: Sadie’s vet visit on 7/23/2019 shows she achieved another of Brenda’s goals, Sadie lost a total of 3 lbs during the month and is looking even better!

Congratulations to you both!

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