2024 Guide to Buying CBD Products for Your Dog

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2024 Guide to Buying CBD Products for Your Dog

As pet parents, choosing the right CBD products for our furry companions is crucial for their well-being. With the pet CBD market expanding in 2024, making informed decisions becomes challenging.

This Guide to Buying CBD Oil for Your Dog aims to provide savvy tips for navigating the diverse landscape of CBD products, ensuring you prioritize your pet’s health and happiness in the new year.

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Tips for Buying CBD for Pets in 2024

1. Opt for Full Spectrum CBD

Choose products with full spectrum hemp extract to harness the holistic benefits of cannabinoids, essential vitamins, minerals, and more. Embrace the synergy of natural compounds for maximum effectiveness. Full spectrum hemp extract also contains many essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes. All these compounds need to work together for the product to be most effective.

2. Embrace Organic Hemp from the US

The origin of CBD matters. Opt for products derived from organic hemp to ensure your pet gets the purest form of CBD without harmful chemicals. Prioritize products derived from organically grown hemp in the United States, ensuring purity without harmful chemicals. Compliance with the Farm Bill guarantees quality, with THC levels within the legal limit.

3. Verify with a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Another of our most shared tips for buying CBD for pets, is to always look for a COA. Products should have a COA (Certificate of Analysis), produced by a third-party laboratory. Always seek a COA from a third-party laboratory to confirm product quality. Ensure it includes information on cannabinoids, THC levels, and the absence of harmful substances, emphasizing transparency.

4. Choose Flower-Based Extraction

Prefer products extracted from hemp flowers using supercritical CO2 extraction. This method preserves the plant’s compounds, yielding a safer, higher-quality product compared to other extraction methods. Products should be extracted from the flower, which will yield the richest compounds of the plant (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids).

While oil can be extracted from hemp stalks seeds, and stems, and products made with this extract may be cheaper, they will typically be much less effective than those made exclusively with extract from the hemp plants “aerial” parts such as the flowers, leaves, and buds.

Checklist for buying cbd for your dog.
Top ten tips for buying CBD for pets in 2024, to ensure you make the best choices for your four-legged family members in the new year.

5. Determine CBD Potency

Trustworthy brands invest in third-party testing to verify the potency of their products. Look for Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to confirm that the CBD content matches the label. Recognize that higher concentrations do not necessarily indicate greater clinical efficacy. Potency is determined by the highest clinical effects and that is determined by your dog’s weight and the level of cannabinoids actually absorbed into your dog’s body. Third-party testing and COAs help confirm potency, ensuring you get what the label promises.

6. Consider Bioavailability

Evaluate the bioavailability of CBD products, favoring sublingual administration for optimal absorption. Look for MCT oil and hemp seed oil to enhance absorption rates, ensuring your pet receives the maximum benefit. Administering CBD oils sublingually (via the gums) is the most effective and efficient way to get the medicine into the bloodstream. Capsules and treats are not as effective, as they must be broken down by the liver before entering the bloodstream. 

7. Prioritize Natural Ingredients

Steer clear of CBD products that contain synthetic ingredients. Avoid synthetic additives and opt for pure CBD products. Check for unnecessary ingredients like artificial flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives, or fish oil that may harm your pet.  Ingredients to avoid include artificial flavorings, sweeteners such as Stevia or Xylitol, preservatives that are toxic to your dog.

8. Choose CBD Made Specifically for Pets

Select products crafted for pets, considering their unique physiology. Whether treats, liquid tincture oils, or capsules, tailor the CBD content to suit your pet’s needs and make administration easy. Pet-specific CBD products come with the right concentration of CBD for your furry friend. Look for products that are easy to administer.

9. Rely on Reviews from Pet Parents

Look for reviews by customers who have tried the products, to substantiate the efficacy of the products. Real experiences matter. Read reviews to understand real experiences with CBD products for pets. Learn from others who have tried similar products to make informed choices for your beloved pet.

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10. Trust Reputable Brands

Focus on reputable CBD brands committed to quality and transparency. Trustworthy companies will offer all the relevant information you need to make the right choice for your pet, without giving you the runaround. Beware of overly cheap products and prioritize customer support. If a brand cannot address your concerns, choose one that values your pet’s well-being.

Once you’ve researched a company, contact them to ask them questions directly, and make sure they can answer your questions about their product, and how your pet’s specific needs can be addressed by their CBD product.

Best hemp oil for dogs
10 Tips for buying CBD oil in 2024. CBD is now becoming recognized worldwide as a safe and effective natural remedy for dogs with anxiety, allergies and arthritis.

FAQs: Choosing Quality CBD Oil for Your Dog

Q1: How do I verify the quality of CBD products?
A1: Always check for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party laboratory, confirming product quality and transparency.

Q2: Why is full spectrum CBD preferred?
A2: Full spectrum CBD includes all naturally occurring compounds, providing holistic benefits for your pet.

Q3: Are there specific extraction methods to avoid?
A3: Yes, steer clear of products using questionable extraction methods like solvent extraction, as they may contain toxic residues.

Q4: What should I consider when determining CBD potency?
A4: Look for at least 1mg of CBD per serving, as higher concentrations indicate greater efficacy. Third-party testing and COAs help confirm potency.

Q5: How can I ensure the bioavailability of CBD for my pet?
A5: Administer CBD sublingually for optimal absorption and choose products with MCT oil and hemp seed oil to enhance bioavailability.

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